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Update 05.08.2022

A lot of stuff is online again! 

Today I added a lot earrings to the shop. We currently working on new stuff and add everything we have in storage online. 

Sadly both of us suffered from Covid the last few weeks so we hat a bit of delay in our shedule to bring the shop online again - we hope you understand us! 

currently the only convention this year we will attend for sure is the german comic con in Dortmund in december. We will update if we knew anything else :) 

Happy Shopping!

Update 01.06.2022


Please remind that our shop is closed for two weeks! We will be at Dokomi Düsseldorf on saturday and sunday in the matsuri area in CCD - 1 OG
Two weeks later we are also at the
Wie Mai Kai

The shop will be filled after Dokomi on low stock till Wie Mai Kai ends

Please support us on conventions till the onlineshop summer break is over :) 

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